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Hello Everyone and Welcome to Sabella Sports Shotz where we specialize in Youth and High School Sports and Performance Photography. My name is Joe Sabella and it has always been my opinion that it's always much more exciting to see your child taking that shot, hitting the ball, scoring that goal or performing on stage or field than simply posed. Our images of your children participating in the sports or other activities they enjoy so much make great additions to scrapbooks or family photo albums.

To find photographs I've taken at a recent event, scroll down to the "Featured Galleries" or "Categories" and enter the one listed for your type of sport or event. Once you find your event, click on it's gallery to browse through the images. If you find a photo you'd like to purchase, simply click the "Buy" button above the picture and you can select from a variety of sizes & finishes. Please remember that every image is professionally adjusted for contrast and color prior to printing to ensure you get the best results possible!

HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS ARE BACK! Check back often as we will be photographing a wide variety of High School and Youth athletics such as Football, Girls Volleyball, Girls & Boys Soccer as well as Marching Band Performances. Our focus as always is to catch your favorite athlete or performer up close and in action so stop back for all those memories you'll only find here.

Email Us Here or call me on my cell at 724-624-0636 if you have any questions or special requests.

*New Brighton HS Football vs. Laurel HS held on 8.29.14 at Oak Hill Field in New Brighton.
*New Brighton HS Football vs. Quaker Valley HS held on 11.1.13 at Chuck Knox Stadium in Leetsdale, PA. WPIAL Playoffs - 1st Round

*New Brighton HS Football vs. Ellwood City HS to be held on 9.5.14 at Ewing Park in Ellwood City, PA.
*NBHS Lady Lions Soccer vs. Greensburg Central Catholic HS held on 10.28.13 at Hampton HS. WPIAL Playoffs - Semi-Finals

Have a sporting event, team or individual athlete you would like us to photograph? Contact Us Now!

While you are here, please be sure to browse around and check out my other galleries. In particular, check out my "Tribute to My Father" gallery. My Father, Pete Sabella, was an amazing news photographer for over 44 years and I'm trying to preserve some of his great work within that gallery. Check back often and please give a Thumbs up/Thumbs down to any photos you like/dislike as it helps me understand what folks like and to improve upon my skills.

If you have any questions or are interested in other photographic ideas such as Collages, Posters, Banners or digital images (player or team disc), please feel free to Email me or call me on my cell at 724-624-0636.


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